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Everyone says you don't try, but really...

I think you're trying TOO hard, to please yourself.

We all want stuff and to do things and live as we see fit. But don't let your mind or heart block each other out. I'm not going to go over all the "pros" and "cons", besides, those are subjective anyway.
Here's my advice:
If you want to do an epic battle scene, do it.
If you want to take a step back and think out story, character motivations and etc. Do it.
If you want a song just because you like how it sounds (non-copyright of course), do it.
If there's a nagging feeling to listen to others, listen and APPLY.
If there's a nagging feeling to trust yourself, trust and do it to the best of your abilities, and then some.
Alright, I may be a nowhere kid with no real animations to call my own and I'm only a 15 year-old with no education compared to you. But I know that when I think TOO much on something I love, it'll never get done, or worse it turns to crap because I fell too in love with it. Likewise if I do something on the fly, its crap because I never cared about it. When I think about where I want a story/character to go for awhile, and then just spend 1 hour making ALL of the specifics for the character, just going into my own impulses of the second by second, do I get something that I can truly call my own and that would be good for ALL.
The point is use your heart and mind properly. Mind to have a focus, intelligence, and to make it into something that'll appeal to however many people it can. Heart to put yourself into it and make it something unique from everything else.

It feels like you're forcing something out of yourself, to please yourself.

You're one of the reasons I (try to) animate today. Your animations felt FUN even if the animation wasn't top-notch or writing that some would consider SOFLIPPINGAMAZING. It felt like you just didn't care but you also knew what the people wanted. I felt like all these other reviews about you not wanting to change/try wasn't on point because you keep telling everyone how hard you're going with this. So it REALLY sounds like that's the problem.

I don't know what you'll do, and hell, the animation has gotten stale and it's doubtful you'll read through these and read some nowhere kid's comment.
So if this never gets to you, well, maybe some others will read it and reiterate it in the next episode if they feel this continues. And if you do somehow read this, well it's not like I'll ever know about it.
Just don't let this become something that becomes extra anxiety for you and you hurt yourself in some way, alright?

Kirbopher responds:

I read through it. I appreciate you taking the time and I'll say in return, try not to worry about me so much in that way and I hope you'll enjoy the show for what it is.

Getting better and better!

Just add some shading and light to the backgrounds as well so it can compliment the better art you made for the characters.
Really like the voices you have for the characters too, great choices!

Well a few different problems I guess

Again, the opening is AWESOME! BUT it felt like name spam.
A few things about this in particular is A.) There is no voice acting when there should be (since you have "actors") and B.) There's no "park" it's just a white background =_=
Also when that....ninja? dude came out I completely lost track of what happened.

Again, GREAT potential, but please you just need to avoid laziness.

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This is pretty good

You added Murdoc's voice giving the game a sound quality and he is quite entertaining. The game itself is an interesting twist too by making it as though you were drunk to make a computer dart game hard. The main screen also is pretty funny because its as if Murdoc is really trying to throw darts at the mouse.
This is a good step forward to coming on Newgrounds but you can still do better and you do have about 9 more MB to play with.

Gorillaz on Newgrounds?!

I'm finding that hard to believe.

Anyways the game is not much really, extremely simple, quick. The graphic of russell was okay I suppose but the cookies and pixel stains they leave really feel weird and sorta suck, plus the game doesn't even have sound. It's cool that you added a few achievements and a scoreboard but that doesn't help the game much.

Whoever you are, some kid or really the Gorillaz, I hope you're just doing this just to see how Newgrounds is and test it out because if this is all that you're going to put in no one is going to care about the Gorillaz and think that they're some kind of spam group.
Newgrounds is a good place to get fans, but only if you put in all of your effort to do so.

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Quality, it's good and bad

Bad news that I'm sure you're aware of,
The quality of the noise is not good and this is obviously because you don't have any pro equipment. It isn't your fault but I can't help to notice how, far off, the actual song seems and there's I think an extra noise in the background which was probably accidentally picked up.
I don't want to penalize you for it but it's pretty noticeable and annoying.

But the quality of your work is wonderful,
The song is wonderfully alive and it sounds like hundreds of fingers are running across dozens of instruments and this song would make GREAT background music in a flash/game if it wasn't for the sound quality.

You get an 8 out of skill and I'm sure you'll be able to get better equipment to make up for the other 2 stars soon.

Myay16 responds:

Yeah, I tried to eliminate the background noise, but I didn't know how to do it.
And yes, the sound is terribly distant.
I will be re-uploading a more refined version in the future. One day when I'm alone, I'll re-record it.
Thank you for your opinion. I like the way you describe your perception of the piece.

Just not "special"

This is good, but it really isn't a song. It's more like a little background music loop in a cartoon.

This is great but it's still only your simple first, everyone starts somewhere.

TooSwag responds:

Alright thanks its the first loop i've ever made so its a start. And thanks again

It takes one to know one

Everyone knows how artists can be ***** but no one ever talks about how the voice actors can be. Thank you for showing us the other side of the coin and we'll all watch as the other voice actors now attack your account XD.

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*Insert Soul Eater reference here*

This is a good realist drawing and I see how you used varying pencil shading to give depth and texture to the drawing.
However the drawing feels a bit lacking since it isn't even a full head and without any sort of outline, color, background, etc. it's a bit difficult to find where the drawing really ends since it just seems to fade out. Finally (reference) the face is a bit unsymmetrical, the right eye appears to be leaning down, the nostrils are clearly unequal and this leads to question whether or not the mouth is out of place.

I admire anyone who can draw like this given the difficulty but given your age at the time I assume you were just messing around and were not aiming for perfection.

Myay16 responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it is a bit off. It was a first try, though.
May I suggest that you try viewing the full image as
And by the wayside, just because I was fifteen doesn't mean
I wasn't aiming for perfection.


Great job at this! I love how you made a transparent version to go behind the first since it brings attention to all of the detail.
My only "tiny" problem with this is how she cuts off right at the end, might as well just finish it y'know? But that's perfectly fine.
Why'd you rate this M anyway? There's nothing wrong with it.

Much better than the others, perfect?

There is NO problem here man, you made such a jump I'm on the verge of thinking you stole this from a guy at Sega.
Coloring is top notch,
Lines are almost all completely straight (3! lines are a LITTLE squiggly, two biggest spikes)
Background perspective and detail is viewable and great.
Start drawing like this a lot more so you can just get scouted already!

sonicwave249 responds:

BEST REVEIW EVER!!and ill try to be scouted.

People read this? YES! THAT'S WHY THIS IS HERE! Well I'm just a noobish animator and voice actor. I say noobish because I'm just starting everything and I suck compared to the big boys and girls. Hit me up when you need a voice anytime!

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