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TOME Episode 01 TOME Episode 01

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Everyone says you don't try, but really...

I think you're trying TOO hard, to please yourself.

We all want stuff and to do things and live as we see fit. But don't let your mind or heart block each other out. I'm not going to go over all the "pros" and "cons", besides, those are subjective anyway.
Here's my advice:
If you want to do an epic battle scene, do it.
If you want to take a step back and think out story, character motivations and etc. Do it.
If you want a song just because you like how it sounds (non-copyright of course), do it.
If there's a nagging feeling to listen to others, listen and APPLY.
If there's a nagging feeling to trust yourself, trust and do it to the best of your abilities, and then some.
Alright, I may be a nowhere kid with no real animations to call my own and I'm only a 15 year-old with no education compared to you. But I know that when I think TOO much on something I love, it'll never get done, or worse it turns to crap because I fell too in love with it. Likewise if I do something on the fly, its crap because I never cared about it. When I think about where I want a story/character to go for awhile, and then just spend 1 hour making ALL of the specifics for the character, just going into my own impulses of the second by second, do I get something that I can truly call my own and that would be good for ALL.
The point is use your heart and mind properly. Mind to have a focus, intelligence, and to make it into something that'll appeal to however many people it can. Heart to put yourself into it and make it something unique from everything else.

It feels like you're forcing something out of yourself, to please yourself.

You're one of the reasons I (try to) animate today. Your animations felt FUN even if the animation wasn't top-notch or writing that some would consider SOFLIPPINGAMAZING. It felt like you just didn't care but you also knew what the people wanted. I felt like all these other reviews about you not wanting to change/try wasn't on point because you keep telling everyone how hard you're going with this. So it REALLY sounds like that's the problem.

I don't know what you'll do, and hell, the animation has gotten stale and it's doubtful you'll read through these and read some nowhere kid's comment.
So if this never gets to you, well, maybe some others will read it and reiterate it in the next episode if they feel this continues. And if you do somehow read this, well it's not like I'll ever know about it.
Just don't let this become something that becomes extra anxiety for you and you hurt yourself in some way, alright?

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Kirbopher responds:

I read through it. I appreciate you taking the time and I'll say in return, try not to worry about me so much in that way and I hope you'll enjoy the show for what it is.

VG Cats Animated 3 VG Cats Animated 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Getting better and better!

Just add some shading and light to the backgrounds as well so it can compliment the better art you made for the characters.
Really like the voices you have for the characters too, great choices!

[L*] A day at the park [L*] A day at the park

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well a few different problems I guess

Again, the opening is AWESOME! BUT it felt like name spam.
A few things about this in particular is A.) There is no voice acting when there should be (since you have "actors") and B.) There's no "park" it's just a white background =_=
Also when dude came out I completely lost track of what happened.

Again, GREAT potential, but please you just need to avoid laziness.

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[L*] Spooky Ghost [L*] Spooky Ghost

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well, you're on the right track, I hope

The opening was beautifully animated and made me really anxious to see what the flash was about.
But there wasn't much after that...

The animation itself should be just as good as the opening but you dropped the quality like a rock when it was finished. Not only that but the opening is like 80% of all the flash time, all it ever did was say "Sojiro-Izumi", most other guys just put "Everything by *Artist name, or Me*".
Finally, if you can do the description in English, you could do the text inside the animation English too.

You have great potential but your work still feels silly and that you eventually get lazy.
I know you can do great! Don't give me a reason to give you a low score next time! ;D

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Csi Belfast Rape Short Csi Belfast Rape Short

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is good for a first,

A few gripes about it is that it felt a bit shorter than it should have been and I see you probably entered the wrong pixel size when submitting it. (Happened to me too, but it was A LOT worse XD)
I'm sure you'll do great with some more practice. :)

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Coach yelling tank! Coach yelling tank!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great animation!

But only like under 10 seconds of it, barely worth to upload this.

Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is great man!

For your third try this is really fluid and just plain wonderful! Some of the sequences however did feel a little bulky so you lost just 1 star.

How did you get the background to blur like that by the way?

A Sam & Max Short A Sam & Max Short

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Real good for a first

Animation wise, which is great right off the bat.
Drawing wise you just need to polish it up, make sure that lines aren't sticking into other objects when they meet, make sure everything is fully colored, and try the make the lines smoother. Besides that I won't complain about anything else being your first flash.
Complaints I'm not counting are just too short and don't make an animated version of something that's just like its non-animated origin.

You'll do great man don't worry, as long as you get animating down drawing'll be a breeze.

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ChaosRLZ responds:

Thanks. To be honest this actually isn't my first. I've posted several more on SheezyArt, but their going to be merged into one flash when I make enough of them. This is just the first I posted on Newgrounds.

Tony Hawk Fucking Idiot Tony Hawk Fucking Idiot

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You're probably just gonna curse me out but...

Well animation wise, still blammable but its more interesting, I'm not letting you pass into 4 though until the google cut-outs are gone.

Though dude, you need to calm down okay. You can't have hateful videos on newgrounds for starters, especially if its about the people who use the site in general -_-. Yeah a lot of people here are mean to you and they are ****s because of it but they're only like this because you won't take their flash advice. It's not just you in life, when you're pissed its for a reason and its the same way with us too, maybe if the NG users can stop cursing you out for a minute and you take some tips you wouldn't have to make videos like this.

Then there's the cursing, first there's the comedy cursing that EVERYONE loves... then there's what you did. It just looked like you were a kid who doesn't know any better and curses on and on like that even when its totally unnecessary.

You're playing this whole "Oh I'm cool and awesome" charade but it just looks like everyone is getting to you, I know you probably are a cool kid if we can just sit down and talk but the internet and doesn't work like that. Please dude if you just take a little advice at a time people have given you in the past I won't be the only one trying to stop the verbal fights on you account. You don't have to hate Newgrounds and it doesn't have to hate you if you just listen to each other.

But then again I'll just check my account later, find your response to me with a curse or more, then I'll go to your account and find a whole brawl on there.
Please prove me wrong...

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sonic10 responds:

you stupid asshole!!!

Miku hates her job Miku hates her job

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Excellent for a first!

Just wish it could have been longer though.

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