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Gorillaz Drunken Darts Gorillaz Drunken Darts

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is pretty good

You added Murdoc's voice giving the game a sound quality and he is quite entertaining. The game itself is an interesting twist too by making it as though you were drunk to make a computer dart game hard. The main screen also is pretty funny because its as if Murdoc is really trying to throw darts at the mouse.
This is a good step forward to coming on Newgrounds but you can still do better and you do have about 9 more MB to play with.

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Gorillaz Cookie Eating Gorillaz Cookie Eating

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Gorillaz on Newgrounds?!

I'm finding that hard to believe.

Anyways the game is not much really, extremely simple, quick. The graphic of russell was okay I suppose but the cookies and pixel stains they leave really feel weird and sorta suck, plus the game doesn't even have sound. It's cool that you added a few achievements and a scoreboard but that doesn't help the game much.

Whoever you are, some kid or really the Gorillaz, I hope you're just doing this just to see how Newgrounds is and test it out because if this is all that you're going to put in no one is going to care about the Gorillaz and think that they're some kind of spam group.
Newgrounds is a good place to get fans, but only if you put in all of your effort to do so.

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