Entry #1

Xionic Madness and my first time as an actor

2010-09-22 16:09:08 by Desknight


Apparently my voice acting didn't suck after all! I was the Overseer character (dude in the dark room). I was so happy to be in this I almost cried (really). Though sadly I don't think anyone except Xionico and anyone reading this will know that I was a part of this, oh well, gotta work for what I want by myself. *sigh*

So yeah, I'm going to try to get in a little Left 4 Dead parody joke vid and I won't have to suffer my crappy $5 dollar mic. And can someone PLEASE tell me a good mic that's about $100 bucks so I can actually voice act more.

Happy Madness Day!!!


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2010-09-24 23:47:06

wait you were the overseer that was looking at the blue guy and te red guy? if so nice job man that sounded nice!!!!

Desknight responds:

Thank you dude ^.^!


2010-09-27 20:03:07

hello friend!
do not worry, you did a good job :D!

Desknight responds:

Yo! And thank you! ^.^
Bet you'll do great too with your new series! :D


2010-10-06 00:30:42

Haha good job, mate. You remember my post about looking for work as a writer? SergerantJoe asked me to write his animation :) I'm currently discussing the subject of voice animating with him. He says he has a couple of synchronisation issues, that's why he doesn't want voice acting. If he decides to have voice acting I'll look for you!

Desknight responds:

Also I'm beginning to figure out my new school better so now I actually know how to get free time!


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